Dental Aesthetics

Ceramic or porcelain is a vitreous mineral and is used in contemporary dentistry because of its similarity to dental enamel.

Teeth must be prepared in a specific way and then carefully bonded ceramic pieces individually for each person and for each tooth with individual color and texture characteristics.

Sometimes teeth have to be devitalized and internally reinforced (false stumps), it is very important what is supporting ceramic crowns or veneers. At Prelada we use only the best possible, or reinforced fiberglass (Parapost and Paracore, Coltene) or gold (not visible). The materials and metal alloys used do not have oxidizing materials that darken and weaken the roots, the gold is incorporated into the tooth structure and adapts and its anti-microbial characteristics increase the durability of the remaining teeth; the fiberglass is bioinert and translucent giving the most natural look underneath dental ceramics.

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