Removable Prostheses

Removable dentures are one way to replace missing teeth and are used very often. These prostheses are the most economical process to restore aesthetics and function.

The materials used in these treatments are very important in order to achieve optimal aesthetics and durability. Our laboratory technicians are specialized and experienced, using the best materials and the most advanced techniques.

Frequently asked questions

Acrylic prostheses are the most economical dental prostheses, they are used to replace 1 to all teeth. They are all made in normally pink and/or transparent acrylic and may have hooks for retaining the teeth. They are essentially supported on the mucosa (gingiva) during mastication.

Skeletal prostheses are more expensive than acrylic prostheses, about 2-3 times more. They are used to replace 1 or more teeth but not as complete dentures, as they require some teeth for their optimal function and retention. Its support base or skeleton is made of a stainless metal alloy (chromium, nickel and cobalt) coated with acrylic teeth and gums. It is more comfortable than full acrylic as it is smaller and thinner, as well as being more resistant to fractures. They are essentially supported on the teeth during chewing.

This type of denture must be removed after each meal, and it must be washed, as well as the teeth present in the mouth. At least once a day, a more elaborate cleaning of the denture should be done. A brush should be used, which may be a toothbrush, a nail brush or a toothbrush. Cleaning products must not contain abrasive chemicals (examples: acetone, thinner, alcohols, bleach, etc.), toothpaste, dishwashing detergent (great degreaser), effervescent tablets and appropriate foams may be used.

The prosthesis must not be washed while it is placed in the mouth, it must always be removed for washing. And it is essential to wash the teeth present in the mouth, especially those in contact with the prosthesis, as food remains between the prosthesis and the teeth will cause cavities and damage the teeth. The use of dentures is always an increased risk factor for teeth and gums.

Removable dentures must be adjusted at least once a year, as in places where teeth are absent there is no stimulus bone, in this way the bone reabsorbs and the prosthesis is loose or wide, it is necessary to fill the space with acrylic through a process called relining. If this is not done, the prostheses are out of adjustment, losing their function and aesthetics, which can cause aging changes in the face.

Removable dentures do not stimulate bone mass, they restore function and esthetics but our jaws age anyway. There is always discomfort due to the volume that these prostheses occupy. There is always a lack of trust associated with the fear that others will notice or even that the dentures will move or fall off, especially in younger people.

With dental implants you can put your teeth in place, the teeth dental implants stimulate bone cells without resorption and bone aging of the jaws and face.

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