This area ranges from cosmetic surgery with gingival and bone fillings to pathological surgery that ranges from the removal of impacted teeth to diagnosis and surgery of cysts or tumors.

The correct diagnosis requires specific postgraduate training of the dentist, there are several pathologies from: candidiasis, papillomas (blackheads), leukoplakia, erythroplasia, etc. which, if not treated in time, can cause malignant lesions.

The current means of diagnosis that use medical engineering and even histopathological exams are an asset both in diagnosis and in planning surgery. Surgical errors are minimized and the results obtained by our surgical team are excellent.


Oral cancer accounts for about 6% of all cancers and is very aggressive and should be diagnosed as early as possible. If you have a cold sore for more than 3 weeks, changes in the color and shape of the gums, please contact us.

Competence, Innovation and Integrity

Professionals of excellence who work as a team in diagnosis and planning, using the most advanced equipment, guarantee demanding standards of quality and safety for the patient. We minimize risk and maximize results.


Frequently asked questions

The impacted teeth are those that have not been born and that are under the gums and bone, the most common are the cistus and also the canines.

The teeth must be extracted as soon as detected, as they can create problems in the future that can be quite serious. and as a team allows to achieve exceptional results, completely change the face.

Aesthetic or Plastic Surgery together with orthodontics can improve your aesthetics and facial harmony, associating correction of the position of the jaws, rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery of the nose), etc., this multidisciplinary and teamwork allows achieving exceptional results completely change the face.

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