Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that treats dental caries, involves dental aesthetics (esthetic restorations, resin veneers) and dental cosmetics (whitening, shiny). These treatments promote a clear improvement in your smile, image and self-confidence.

Due to the appearance of new technologies and new dental materials, it is possible to restore teeth with excellent esthetic results. The diagnosis of caries is extremely important, with digital radiology in addition to a lower radiation dose, the images obtained have a much higher resolution, being able to detect the smallest dental caries and treat them in a timely manner.

Cleaning of all caries is essential, so we use caries detector and tungsten carbide and vanadium rotary instruments that allow cleaning the tooth with maximum efficiency without destroying healthy teeth. Filling materials, synthetic resins are the guarantee of durability and aesthetics, in this sense we do not neglect and use the best and most developed composites. We layer the color in Dentin and Enamel with various shades and pigments as they exist in the tooth, in order to obtain more perfect aesthetic results. All dentistry jobs have our quality guarantee.

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