Endodontics is the area of ​​Dental Medicine that aims to preserve the tooth through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of changes in the dental pulp (the tooth’s nerve) and the tissues around it.

Endodontics is also commonly known as dental devitalization or root canal treatment. The dental pulp is the tissue found inside the teeth, responsible for the irrigation, vitality and sensitivity of each tooth and is composed of nerves, blood vessels and other cells. A devitalization is performed when it is damaged or inflamed due to various factors, including: caries, fractures, infiltrated restorations or dental trauma.

Thus, the objective of Endodontics is to treat the tooth as a tooth. whole, maintaining or restoring the health of the tissues that are inside the teeth and directly around them, is a treatment that often avoids the extraction of teeth.

The endodontic treatment consists of disinfection and cleaning root canals using irrigants, disinfectants and manual and/or mechanical instruments. The completion of the treatment is done by filling the canals and properly restoring the tooth.


It is important to note that an endodontically treated tooth is still subject to decay. A good restoration of a treated tooth is essential, and ideally it should be rehabilitated with a crown. Even decay in these teeth that have been treated by endodontics progresses silently, as the pulp (which is the sensitive part of the tooth) has been previously removed. Therefore, periodic check-ups with the dentist are essential.

The best technology

In our endodontics consultation, we carry out instrumentation and cleaning of the teeth canals using the best technology, mechanized endodontics. We use a calibrated motor with electronic tooth length detection (X-Smart Dual – Dentsply), as well as the most suitable files (Maillefer Profile – Protaper system). In this way, each channel is devitalized along its entire length and the sealing is carried out at the exact length without flaws.


Frequently asked questions

Teeth are living organs inside, there is the dental pulp with vessels that nourish the inner cells of the teeth and nerve endings that give hot and cold sensitivity. Depending on the tooth in question, it may have 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels, in rare cases more than 4 channels.

When the bacteria that cause caries reach the interior of the tooth, they infect the nerve and cause pain which can be light, moderate or strong. At that time it is necessary to devitalize the tooth.

Devitalization or endodontics is a process carried out between 1 to 3 sessions in which, by means of files, all the soft tissue is removed from the interior of the tooth, the tooth canal or canals are carefully disinfected and filled with a rubber (gutta percha) and a cement.
It is very important that it is correctly carried out along the entire length of the canal and up to 0.5 to 1 mm from the end of the root to avoid infections and/or cysts in the dental roots.

Glitters, Piercings and Dental Tattoos
These are small diamonds that are glued to the surface of the teeth just like dental correction devices. This way, the teeth are not cut or damaged.
They can be removed at any time, quickly and without leaving any marks.
These Piercings can be of various colors and sizes, they can even be metallic With gemstone diamonds or not.
Piercings or “tattoos” can be made that can be removable (removal and put on) or fixed and glued.
You can still make to measure as we have already done for the movie “Candy and Cookies 2”.

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