24-hour Dental Emergency Service - 365 days a year

Performing dental emergencies in the city of Porto since 2001

Sometimes there are out-of-hours emergencies, so our emergency medical appointments provide a quick and efficient response even outside the normal opening hours of our clinic.

24h Emergency Service

365 days a year. Subject to telephone appointment.

228 328 031

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Frequently asked questions

For Dental Emergency appointments it is ALWAYS necessary to call first and schedule the time, even during the normal office hours of the clinic. When you call, always mention that it is an Emergency, especially during the normal opening hours of the dental clinic.
We guarantee the service as soon as possible and within a maximum period of 4 hours.
Outside the clinic’s opening hours, all the calls are forwarded to the Emergency Dentist, who will speak directly to him.

Pain is usually the most frequent and may be associated with one or more teeth as well as with the gums or any oral pathology.
Other reasons for a dental emergency are:
tooth fracture, prosthesis fracture, detachment of fixed prostheses, joint problems (opening and closing the mouth), etc…
Each individual defines their degree of urgency and this service can be used by those who, for example, for professional reasons cannot use another time .

This Emergency Dental Service is available 24 hours a day and every day of the year including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
During weekdays from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, it is the clinic’s normal opening hours, there are appointments scheduled for regular care. Especially at this time, you should always refer to the Receptionist that it is a Dental Emergency and not an appointment to ensure your service as soon as possible.
Every day until 23:00, there is the first shift of emergency hours, to all cases of emergency or medical-dental emergency.
The hours from 11 pm to 9 am in the strict Emergency Service, that is, it should only be for very urgent cases, if not, you should schedule it for the 9 am the next day.

The consultation begins with the diagnosis, for this the consultation includes diagnostic radiographs if necessary, such as digital orthopantomography, computed axial tomography, radiographs of the temporomandibular joint, periapical radiographs, bitewings, occlusals, etc. After the diagnosis will be made. the most appropriate treatment and the necessary medication will be prescribed.
The treatments performed can be: (among others)
– Endodontics or dental devitalization;
– Extraction or tooth extraction;
– Aesthetic restoration of broken teeth;
– Immediate dental crowns;
– Removable dentures in the day;
– Removable dentures repairs;
– Cementation of crowns or fixed dentures;
– Cementation/screwing of implant crowns;
– Repair and maintenance of dental appliances/Orthodontic appliances;
– Placement of dental implants and fixed teeth on the same day;

Dentist Emergency

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