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Strict disinfection and sterilization control, in accordance with the standards implemented by the DGS

Founded in October 2001 and equipped with the latest technology, we bet all our services on the excellence of quality, based on the careful selection of our materials, on digital radiodiagnosis and on the differentiated training of our dentists.

We are proud of our methodology based on simplicity and efficiency, where the best professionals work, always available to help you take care of your health and your family.

The Dental Medicine of Clinica da Prelada, using the better infrastructure, equipment and technology resources, provides its customers with a differentiated and multidisciplinary offer, with specialized doctors and continuous monitoring from the very first moment.

With pride and passion for our work, we work so that success is 100% satisfaction. So that your smiles become our business card

What we offer

Excellence and Quality

Maximum care

A very strict control with no chance of cross infeccion.

In terms of sterilization, all our materials are carefully sterilized, first with a device and ultrasound, then they are hermetically packed in a sealer and finally placed in an autoclave, being subjected to 121º of temperature with 2 kg of water vapor pressure for 30 minutes.

In this way, all microorganisms are eliminated as efficiently as possible. The materials remain sterile in the package until the date they are opened at the consultation. Procedure equal to an operating room.

All turbines and handpieces used are externally and internally disinfected by the action of a specific machine, the assist, eliminating all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) both externally and internally.

The irrigation system for dental chairs is disinfected with calbénium, which is 100% effective in disinfecting the irrigation used to cool the drills and working ultrasound (bacteria, viruses and fungi). All other work surfaces are disinfected using products certified by Infarmed.

Our Technology

Our clínic has at its disposal the latest technologies:

  • Digital clinical file.

  • Digital radiodiagnosis (Orthopantomography, Computed Axial Tomography and intraoral X-ray with RVG).

  • Mechanized endodontics with radio-frequency apex detection.

  • Piezzo-Ultrasound Surgery (Periodontology, Implantology and Oral Surgery).

  • Plasma Rich in growth factors.

  • State-of-the-art surgery / implantology engines.

  • Nobel Guide system (no cuts, no stitches and no pain implantology).

  • Laser Whitening.

  • Phaser Argon laser.
  • Pulse Oximeter (monitoring of vital signs).

  • Guided bone and tissue regeneration (synthetic bone and regeneration membranes).

  • Damon system (orthodontics).

  • Artex CR articulators - mouth simulator (dental occlusion, TMJ, implantology and prosthesis).

  • LED polymerization (dentistry).

  • Invisalign Technology

  • Implantize Technology
  • Air Flow - Painless scaling with hot water.

Environmental Responsibility

We separate our hospital waste (type III and type IV) by a certified company, as well as household waste paper, glass, and plastics, in addition to solid waste and dental amalgam separator.

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