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This is based on tooth and jaw position correction using customised medical devices.

Treatment starts with a study involving a cephalometric analysis of profile x-rays, an analysis of mouth models, photographic analysis and an analysis of medical and family history. It is only based on this study that we can specify what needs to be done in each case. Starting an orthodontic treatment without a prior study is like walking in the dark, and the results can be unexpected.

The study shows the types of brackets and devices that should be used; it can be necessary to use removable, fixed and/or bio-mechanical devices.

Orthodontic treatment duration depends on a range of factors. Treatment can take from a few months to several years, but on average it lasts between 18 and 24 months.

Cephalometry - Cephalometric analysis
Cephalometric Analysis

The image that we present owes a lot to our smile; people look at your mouth every time you speak.

Orthodontics is not only about correcting teeth; it also involves correcting the position of jaws, aesthetics and facial harmony. A smile’s appearance can sometimes be completely turned around. This is done for functional as well as aesthetic reasons, so that jaw or teeth problems are not experienced in the future. What is true is that it guarantees the future; it is an investment in yourself and/or your children.

A beautiful smile can change your life, your future and the confidence and impression that others have in you.

Brackets can be worn at any age, and the effort of using them pays dividends in the future.

Damon System

Damon System

is a modern system currently used in orthodontics.

In addition to the scientifically proven effectiveness of the system, its major advantage as far as patients are concerned is that the orthodontic treatment can be completed 50% faster than the average time of traditional treatments. It also reduces the number of visits to orthodontists by up to 70%.

According to information from ORMCO:
  Brackets are not the only feature of the treatment. Combining this system with cutting edge arch technology such as Turbo, Copper Niti and TMA - Titanium Molybdenum, is the key to allowing average treatment times to be reduced by so much. As well as being far more comfortable, alloys developed by NASA for use in satellites and rockets can be used for up to 1 year, if necessary.

Damon SystemDamon System Animation
Orthognathic correction - Prognathism

Sometimes there are differences in the jaw bones that result in an overly protruding chin; this condition is known as Prognathism.

These cases are treated by a team, involving orthodontic treatment and plastic or orthognathic correction of the position of the upper and/or lower jaw.

Results are surprising. Each case study includes a simulation of the treatment’s aesthetic effect to show the expected result.

Teeth brackets - Prognathism
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