Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery, Pathology and Oncology

This area includes everything from aesthetic surgery with gum and bone grafts to pathological surgery, from the removal of impacted teeth to the diagnosis and surgery of cysts and tumours.

Correct diagnosis requires the dental practitioner to have undergone specific post-graduate training in a range of different pathologies such as: thrush, papillomas (warts), leukoplakia, erythroplakia, etc., which can cause malignant wounds if not treated in a timely manner.

Current means of diagnosis using medical engineering and histopathological examinations are a plus when it comes to diagnosis and surgery planning. These minimise surgical errors and our surgical team achieves excellent results.

Mouth cancer represents 6% of all cancers. It is very aggressive and must be diagnosed as early as possible. Come and see us if you have had an ulcer for over 3 weeks, or it your gums have changed shape or colour.

Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery
Dental Wounds - Oral Surgery
Benign Wound                     Benign Wound                   Malignant Wound                 Benign Wound

Impacted Teeth - Oral Surgery

Impacted teeth never erupt and lie beneath the gum and bone, and the ones most affected are molars and canines.

These teeth must be extracted as soon as they are detected, as they can create very serious problems in the future. Our team achieves exceptional results that transform the face.

When combined with orthodontics, Aesthetic or Plastic Surgery can improve the appearance and harmony of your face and involves correcting jaw positions, rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery on the nose), etc. This multidisciplinary work is done as a team, allowing exceptional face-transforming results to be achieved.

Impacted Teeth - Oral Surgery

Aesthetics - Oral Surgery

This is our working philosophy that allows us to achieve the desires of each individual from a medical-surgical and aesthetic point of view. Teamwork is a vital part of all surgical procedures, during diagnosis, planning and surgery itself. We minimise risks and maximise results.

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