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  • A podiatrist is a healthcare professional licensed to practice podiatry. Such professionals have extensive knowledge that is different to that of a chiropodist and pedicurist; they use known and well-studied techniques and always follow essential sterilisation and sanitisation standards.
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  • Podiatry
  • Podiatry is a branch of health science that comprehensively studies the body’s lower member, with the aim of diagnosing and treating the foot and its repercussions on the human organism.
    Foot treatment. Corns, warts and bunions. Diabetic foot and insoles.

Podiatry treatments

Correction of altered nails
Nail types and shapes can cause painful and incapacitating processes that affect your day-to-day wellbeing, such as ingrown nails. Orthonyxias, simple and pain-free corrective devices, are very effective when it comes to reversing chronic situations.

Nail 1 before   Nail 1 after       Nail 2 before   Nail 2 after

Onychomycosis - Laser Treatment
Fungal infections in nails eliminated quickly, effectively, painlessly and without contraindications.

As is well-known, treating fungal infections in nails takes a long time using locally applied medicated creams, such as anti-fungal polish, and is also largely ineffective. Oral anti-fungal medication has a greater chance of success, but at a higher cost to the human body, as several contraindications are known.

Laser 1   Laser 2

Laser treatment is a valid solution, as very satisfactory results can be achieved even with severe fungal infections. It is a pain free treatment that has practically no contraindications and no side effects.

Laser 1 before   Laser 1 after       Laser 2 before   Laser 2 after
Before and after comparison following 2 months of laser treatment

Calcaneal Spur
A spur is an incapacitating pathologies caused by a build-up of calcium deposits underneath or behind the heel bone.

Calcaneal spur 1       Calcaneal spur 2

In some cases it can respond well to conservation treatments, such as made-to-measure orthopodiatry insoles, together with local medication (anti-inflammatory drugs) and infiltration. Surgery is necessary in the worst cases.

Nowadays, calcaneal spur surgery is relatively simple, practically pain free and is carried out using a minimally invasive technique with a very short 2 or 3 day recovery period!
Morton’s Neuroma
Morton’s Neuroma is a chronic inflammatory process involving the progressive thickening of a nerve between toes, normally located between the foot’s 3rd and 4th metatarsic bones. This inflammation can be a response to trauma, irritation or pressure placed on this nerve.

Morton’s Neuroma

It is a pathology that affects more women than men, due to different shoe shapes and heel heights.

Symptoms can vary from acute pain, tingling, burning or even numbness in some cases. Removing the shoe and massaging the area bring relief, if the shoe is too tight.

Treatment consists of local or oral anti-inflammatories, shoe therapy, personalised insoles (made-to-measure), infiltration or even surgery in some cases.
This area of Podiatry includes the production of silicone prostheses and orthoses, aimed at correcting and compensating for a range of different alterations in the foot, mainly involving toes.

Prostheses and orthoses are always personalised based on measurements taken from the patient’s foot at the time of the consultation, with the aim of allowing them to be used for both prevention and treatment of a range of pathologies.

Pathologies that can be cured with these types of devices are bunions, claw toes or overlapping toes, corns and ingrown nails, as well as several other disorders.

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