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The branch of dental medicine dedicated to tooth support tissues:
Gums, bone and ligament between teeth and the bone.


A range of different pathologies can be suffered, the most common of which are gingivitis (gum inflammation/infection) and periodontitis (bone inflammation/infection).

The most common causes of this are bacterial plaque and tartar.

Certain bacteria produce toxins that can destroy the collagen forming the base structure for bones and gums; the progression of these conditions leads to bone and gum loss, and ultimately the loss of teeth. The best way to prevent this is professional cleaning or tartar removal every 6 months, and good oral hygiene every 12 hours, using adequate techniques and materials.

Minor surgery, performed by a specialist professional, is sometimes necessary, involving scraping and smoothing the root structure and removal of bacteria, supported by antibiotic treatment.

Tartar removal

Our professional cleaning and tartar removal takes place during a single consultation with two phases:
1) Ultrasound cleaning, to remove tartar on and underneath the gums;
2) Jet polishing; a gentle jet cleans, whitens and smoothes the surface of your teeth, leaving them whiter and softer.

Teeth cleaning and tartar removal

It is up to you if you want to keep your teeth white and your gums healthy.
Daily brushing and tartar removal every 6 months, in most cases.
Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Receding Gums

Procedures used to regenerate gums and bone mass around teeth.

We use very specialised procedures to recover lost bone and gums, returning aesthetic appearance and harmony to the tooth - gum combination.

We make use of gum transplant techniques, either with your own gum or with latest generation biomaterials.

We attain optimal results much quicker and more effectively with the use of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Gummy Smile Correction

Some smiles are not as nice as they could be because they show too much gum, causing a major change to face aesthetics. Older treatments are very invasive, requiring extensive surgery under general anaesthetic, which cannot be reversed and has high morbidity.

We use a quick and simple technique to correct the line of the smile with a minor procedure in the gum and lip. The result is immediate and can be reversed.
Gummy Smile
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