• Dental Clinic Prelada Porto
    Dr. Rui Pinto Cardoso
    Dental Clinic
    Prelada Porto
    A specialised dental medicine clinic with a human face, a major commitment
    to practitioner quality and training, to technology and to contemporary science (...)
  • Implantologia
    Prelada Porto
    Dental Implants and Bone Regeneration Techniques.
    Detailed analysis of your teeth, mouth, face and smile.
  • Ortodontia
    Dra. Cátia Reis
    Prelada Porto
    Removable, fixed and/or bio-mechanical dental devices
    Tooth and jaw position correction using customised medical devices.
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    Conventions, Agreements and Subsidies
    Prelada Porto
    SAMS, AXA, Advance Care, Dentinet, AMI, Portuguese Red Cross, Teachers' Trade Union
    SNS - Dentist cheques, External provider for: ADSE and all insurance companies (Multicare, Medis, etc.)

Dental Clinic Prelada Porto A safe choice

  • Dental Implants - Prelada Dental Clinic

    Dental Implants

    Teeth fixed in one hour.
    Zirconia based ceramic
  • Orthodontics - Prelada Dental Clinic


    Aesthetic devices.
    Stability and bio-aesthetics.
  • Financing - Prelada Dental Clinic


    From 6 to 60 months.
    12 months interest free.
  • 24 hours Emergency Service - Prelada Dental Clinic

    24 hours Emergency Service

    365 days per year.
    Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • Conscious Sedation - Prelada Dental Clinic

    Conscious Sedation

    Forget about anxiety.
    Pleasant and pain-free consultations.
  • Dental Aesthetics - Prelada Dental Clinic

    Dental Aesthetics

    Tooth whitening.
    Dentistry and Mechanised Endodontics.
Consultation - Prelada Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Prelada Porto Specialised Dental Clinic

Maximum Care

Dental clinic of excellence, certified by ARS and ERS.

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Advanced Technology

Fitted out with cutting edge digital diagnostic radiology technology.

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Environmentally Friendly

The clinic is environmentally friendly as it separates all of its waste.

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Dental implants in Porto Since 2001
Together with our dental implants, our training and experience allow us to guarantee quality and flawless results. We follow the scientific protocols that have been developed and studied the most since the inception of modern implantology over 40 years ago.
Orthodontics in Porto Since 2001
Treatment starts with a selection of the most suitable dental device, including a study involving a cephalometric analysis of profile x-rays, an analysis of mouth models, photographic analysis and an analysis of medical and family history.
Dental Emergency Service Available 24 hours per day
Because sometimes emergencies happen out of hours and an urgent consultation is required, even at times when the dental clinic would normally be closed. Available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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need a dentist? We’re a well-known clinic in the city of Porto, and we want your smile to be our business card!

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24 hour Dental Emergency Service Every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 24 hours
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