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Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain Veneers

Ceramic or porcelain is a vitreous mineral used in modern dental medicine due to its similarity to tooth enamel.

Teeth must be prepared in a specific way before the ceramic pieces, carefully produced individually for each person and for each tooth, with individual colour and texture characteristics, can be bonded.

Teeth sometimes have to undergo root canal treatments and are strengthened internally. This is very important, as they serve as a support for ceramic crowns or veneers. We only use the best possible materials at Prelada - either reinforced fibreglass (Parapost and Paracore, Coltene) or gold (not visible). No materials or metal alloys that are used contain oxidants that could darken the roots or make them more fragile; gold is incorporated into the tooth’s structure, it adapts and its anti-microbial characteristics increases the durability of the remaining tooth; fibreglass is biologically inert and translucent, giving a more natural appearance underneath dental ceramics.

Ceramic or porcelain teeth are used for:
i) reconstructing split or very damaged teeth;
ii) coating the visible side of the tooth to give a matchless aesthetic appearance (veneers);
iii) used as bridges to replace lost teeth, only when implants cannot be used.

Fully Ceramic Crowns - All Ceram System

Today it is possible to recreate perfection, using laser scanning and medical engineering technology.

Traditional tooth crowns, pivots and/or veneers use ceramic with metal. These are opaque and their colour is fairly unnatural - available in a range of greys, and a dark grey halo appears around the gum over time, caused by the oxidation of the metal.

With Zirconia and the “Procera All Ceram” system, teeth are coated with pure ceramic without the need for metal, and thereby take on a natural appearance and translucence.

The crown’s interior is created using a sophisticated CAD/CAM system before subsequently being customised by our technicians, using a ceramic with a higher quality.

Crowns with Metal and All Ceram
Crowns with Metal               All Ceram

Ceramic Tooth Crowns

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