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Our Work Philosophy

Work Philosophy - Clinic
Founded in October 2001 and fitted out with cutting edge technology. All of our services are committed to achieving quality excellence, based on the careful selection of our materials, digital diagnostic radiology and the unique training given to our dental practitioners.

Putting your oral health first, our dental medicine team carries out research and keeps up to date with new discoveries in the health sector, to ensure that we provide the best treatment based on current scientific knowledge.

The clinic is a calm, minimalist and technological environment, based on simplicity and efficiency.

Over time, everything difficult becomes easy and the impossible becomes possible...

We are constantly preoccupied with being a centre of knowledge to ensure that we keep up with the best treatments; we make every effort to better ourselves every day. We’re not the largest dental clinic in Portugal or the world, but at least we try to be the best!

With passion and pride in our work, we ensure that success means 100% satisfaction and that your smiles are our business cards.
  • Maximum Care

  • Maximum Care
  • In terms of cleanliness, all of our materials are carefully sterilised, first with an ultrasound device, before being hermetically packaged in a sealing machine and finally placed in an autoclave, in which they are subjected to a temperature of 121° and 2 kg of steam pressure for 30 minutes. This makes sure that all microorganisms are eliminated as efficiently as possible. Materials remain sterile inside their packaging until they are opened in the surgery. It is the same procedure as used in operating theatres.

    Maximum Care
    The inside and outside of all dental drills and handpieces that are used are disinfected by a specific machine (Assistina) to remove all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) from both external and internal parts.

    The irrigation system fitted to dental chairs is disinfected using Calbénium, which is 100% effective when it comes to disinfecting the ultrasound machine and irrigation system used for cooling handpiece bits (bacteria, viruses and fungi).

    All other work surfaces are disinfected using products certified by Infarmed. All of this means that controls are very strict and there is no chance of cross-infection.

    We are a dental clinic of excellence, certified by the ARS (Regional Health Administration - Ministry of Health) and by the ERS (Health Regulatory Body).

  • Our Technology

  • Technology
  • Our clinic offers cutting edge technology:
    • Digital medical files
    • Digital diagnostic radiology (panoramic radiograph, CT scanner and intraoral X-rays)
    • Mechanised endodontics that use high frequencies to detect root tips
    • Ultrsound-based piezosurgery (periodontology, implantology and oral surgery)
    • Plasma rich in growth factors
    • Latest generation surgery / implantology motors
    • Nobel Guide system (implantology without incisions, stitches or pain)
    • Laser whitening
    • Phaser Argon laser
    • Conscious inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide + oxygen)
    • Pulse oximeter (vital signs monitoring)
    • Guided bone and tissue regeneration (synthetic bone and regeneration membranes)
    • Damon system (orthodontics)
    • Artex CR articulators - mouth simulator (dental occlusion, ATM, dental implants and dentures)
    • LED polymerisation (dentistry)

Our clinic is environmentally friendly

A certified company separates our type III and type IV hospital waste, and we separate domestic paper, glass and plastic waste, as well as solid and miscellaneous dental waste.

24 HOUR DENTAL EMERGENCY SERVICE Every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 24 hours