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This is the field of dental medicine involving the treatment and restoration of teeth in the even of cavities (aesthetic restoration, resin veneers) and cosmetic dentistry (whitening, jewellery).


Enamel - surface layer of the tooth’s crown. It has a range of different tones of white, translucent and tends to reflect the tooth’s internal colour

Dentin - a tubular structure that is not as dense as enamel and yellow, grey and/or brown in colour

Pulp or Nerve - blood vessel-nerve complex that transmits stimulation (heat, cold, etc.) to the nervous system and nourishes tooth cells

Cementum - surface layer of the tooth’s root, responsible for tooth-bone and tooth-gum articulation; it is finer and rougher than the enamel and yellow, grey and/or brown in colour.

Diagnosis of cavities is extremely important. Despite a small dose of radiation, the images obtained from a digital X-ray have much better resolution and they can be used to detect the smallest of tooth cavities and treat them on time.

It is fundamental to clean the entire cavity. We use a cavity detector and tungsten carbide and vanadium rotary instruments to allow the tooth to be cleaned as efficiently as possible, without destroying its healthy parts.

Tooth Restoration

Synthetic resin filler material gives a guarantee of durability and aesthetics. We do not neglect this aspect and use the best and most developed composites (Brands: 3M Filtek, Dentsply Ceram X duo, Tokuyama Clearfill APx). We layer the dentine and enamel colour with a range of different tones and pigments such as those found in the tooth, in order to obtain more perfect aesthetic results. All dentistry work carries our quality guarantee.

Tooth Composite

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening - Sónia Amorim

Name: Sónia Amorim
Profession: Cellist

Underwent whitening using our mixed method:
1. Laser whitening at the clinic
2. Whitening using moulds for 3 weeks

Visible results in the photo

Our current method, developed by our clinical team, has achieved excellent and guaranteed results in 100% of our patients. This protocol, along with its times, techniques and materials used was developed by the Prelada Dental Clinic, and is the “secret” behind our success!


Teeth are living organs, inside which can be found dental pulp with blood vessels that nourish cells inside the tooth, and nerve endings that give hot and cold sensitivity. Depending on the tooth in question, it can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 canals, and more than 4 in rare cases.

When cavity causing bacteria reach the inside of the tooth, they infect the nerve and cause mild, moderate or severe pain. At this stage, root canal therapy becomes necessary.

Tooth Cavity

Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy or endodontics is a process carried out in between 1 and 3 sessions, during which files are used to remove the inside of the tooth before the tooth channel(s) are carefully disinfected and filled in with rubber (gutta-percha) and a cement.

It is very important that this be carried out correctly along the entire length of the canal, up to 0.5 to 1 mm of the end of the root, to prevent infection and/or cysts in the tooth roots.

Endodontics - toothache

In our endodontics clinic we perform instrumentation and tooth canal cleaning using the best available technology - mechanised endodontics. We use a calibrated motor with electric tooth depth detection (X-Smart Dual - Dentsply), along with the most suitable files (Maillefer’s Profile - Protaper system). This equipment is used to clean each canal along its entire length, and sealing its carried out to the precise depth without failure.

Mechanised endodontics

Endodontics - Protaper Profile

Jewellery, Piercings and Tooth Tattoos

These are small jewels stuck to the tooth’s surface just like tooth correction devices. Teeth are not cut or damaged as a result.
They can be removed quickly at any time without leaving any marks.
These piercings can be on a range of colours and sizes; they can even be metal, with or without precious stone jewellery.
Piercings or “tattoos” can be created, which can either be removable or fixed with adhesive.
They can also be made to measure, as we did for the film "Balas e Bolinhos 2"

Tooth Piercings

Tooth Cap Tattoos
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